T-Rec Retail

T-Rec is an SaaS platform that combine field team monitoring and data analytics within FMCG and Retail industry.

  • Application Features
    Monitor their online attendance, visit compliance, visit duration; manage their visit-scheduling/cycle setup, and manage Sick/Leave/Off-Day submission
    inventory tracking
    Inventory Tracking
    Stock On Shelf/Warehouse/In-Transit, Stock measurements in Pcs/Box/Carton, Good Stock vs Bad Stock (Defect, Expired), Out Of Stock (OOS) along with the reason of OOS, stock history, and unlimited documentation
    sales order
    Sales & Order
    Sales (Selling-Out, Direct Sales), Order (Selling-In, Taking Order), Payment methods (Cash/Credit/TOP), Overdue status, Invoice generator, Sales/Order history, and unlimited documentation.
    display product
    Display Product
    Unlimited folders, identify the Before VS After documentation, Facing data & product Tier, Space share (Corporate vs Competitor), Unlimited documentation.
    promo tranking
    Promo Tracking
    Promo Implementation monitoring, Target Store vs Achievement, Corporate Promo vs Competitor Promo, POSM inventory & implementation, Unlimited documentation
    proce comparison
    Price Comparison
    Corporate price VS Competitor price on each store, price settings in RBP (one price policy) or price settings per Area / Account / Project.
    Survey Insight
    Qualitative / Quantitative, Dynamic questions, Unlimited Folder, Documentation attachment, can be utilized to capture customer database, Online test / Audit store and/or Field Team, and many more.
    Asset Management
    Database Of Assets, Monitoring The Condition, Deployment Oversight, Audit, Supervising Property Care, Submission Management, Unlimited Documentation, And Dynamic Questions.
  • Advanced Dashboard

    Go beyond with data analytics. Let your data speaks, tell stories, and discover more.

    • Combine large data with advanced analysis and custom insight to suit your needs.
    • More functions with deeper understanding about trends and forecasts.

Three Sixty

Along with our partners, we can provide you with a one-stop-solution for your penetration plan in Indonesian market. From consultation or feasibility studies to implementation of your route-to-market plan. Talk to us, to discuss how we can best assist you to achieve your goals.

  • Consulting
    • Market Insight & Feasibility Studies
    • Business consulting
  • Field team management & supervision

    Should you feel not confident in managing your field team, just talk to us. Let us know what will be your requirements and work target(s), and we will connect you with our outsourcing partners.

  • Platform extensions
    • Human Resources Information System
    • Warehousing and logistic management system
    • Distribution management system


More than Work

T-Lite accommodates the needs of companies to monitor their blue collar workers with simpler yet powerful features.

Maximizing work reporting of the workers with modules that suitable to them.

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